Fairfield County Strings & Keyboards
A Note from Our Founder

lady sitting at table holding an award

Fairfield County Strings & Keyboards is a special, heartfelt story of a project that started in 2006, a story that continues to unfold.

Several parents saw a need (no school string programs) and tried to meet that need by providing string music education in our area and founding Fairfield County Strings & Keyboards, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit orchestral string outreach program.

By removing barriers, we are now providing experienced, enthusiastic teachers, four free orchestral ensembles, a few free instruments (donated and loaned to students), a free music lending library, mentors,  and limited financial support.  We are open to everyone.

Fairfield County Strings & Keyboards takes great pride in supporting our area school band and choir directors, church and community music groups, and The Lancaster Festival.  We encourage our students to participate in their school music programs.  Our musicians must be members of their school music programs if available.  We are a supplement not a replacement program.  Everyone benefits now and in the future when students are well grounded in music education.

Fairfield County Strings & Keyboards is like an old, abandoned violin that has been discovered and restored.  Once again it sings with all its former life and beauty, expressing a hope inspired invitation to others to pick it up and play it ~ soaring to greater heights, barrier free.

~ Mary Anne Theller