Fairfield County Strings & Keyboards
Welcome!  So glad you are here!

Fairfield County Strings and Keyboards (FCSK)

is a 501( c)(3) non-profit organization located in Lancaster, Ohio, founded in 2006 and  is committed to nurturing a love of music and promoting a positive learning experience by providing, for all ages, the opportunity to learn and perform on string instruments and keyboards.

From a humble beginning of a private lesson studio setting, our founder Mary Anne Theller realized there was not an outlet for string music education in the area schools and felt it was important to provide this to our community… thus the birth of FCSK. 

Fast forward to today…..We have evolved into an organization that offers four levels of performing string ensembles to which participants enjoy learning to master and perform music from a variety of musical styles.   We now have a presence in our community and enjoy the many opportunities to become a part of the cultural fabric of the area.  Our ensemble season is comprised of five separate concerts spanning from September through July.  The month of August is reserved for special projects and planning time. The newest addition to our organization is the development of a small ensemble chamber music program.  We have available private lessons on strings, keyboards and voice for those that may be interested.  Fee and schedules are set by individual associate teachers.  Participation in FCSK ensembles is voluntary and there is not a fee to participate.   FCSK operates on funding from various grants, private donations and volunteers.

Here at FCSK we value each student and participant as a whole person, not just a player of an instrument.  Every contribution no matter how big or small, be it on the piano, or singing, or in an ensemble is a very important part of the collective whole.    Yes, we do work hard but boy o boy……..we have fun doing it too!!!!